Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, this is an idea I have been kicking around for some time now, this business of starting a blog. The fact of the matter is, while I have decided to go ahead with it, I am still very hesitant to commit to this. I shy away from it because, bottom line, I don't think I have anything all that interesting to say. I'm certainly not the silvery-tongued wordsmith that many bloggers are. I don't feel I have any profound or enlightening opinions that need to be shared with the world. I'm guess I'm really doing this for family, especially my dad, in order to fulfill his seemingly insatiable desire for pictures of the everyday trivialities of my life. I don't really think my life, at this particular juncture, is all that interesting anymore. It seems as though all my adventures are passed; all the interesting, exciting and funny stories that came with being a young semi-city kid turned green bush pilot left to sink or swim in a culture shock situation, have slowly dried up as greenness gave way to experience and culture shock turned to everyday life.

Perhaps, it is precisely that fact (that which used to seem exciting and interesting and new is now just orindary) that makes me feel my interesting days are passed, or perhaps they really are passed and I'm just getting old.

While I don't feel that my life is especially interesting or exciting, I will admit that, compared to how I grew up and how most of the average population lives, it isn't ordinary. I live in a small isolated northern community and work a job that takes me to places even more remote and allows me to see and do things that most people would have to spend alot of money to do for fun.

So, here goes. My boring (to me) blog. As I said, it's mostly for my family, because, let's face it, they are family so they pretty much have to care. Hopefully this will be an easy way to keep everyone who is interested, updated on, as the title says, the inconsequential details of my mundane life...complete with pictures! I'll try to keep it as up to date as possible, how often, I can't say for sure. These slow winter days I have alot of time on my hands at work, but that will change in a couple short months, so we shall see. Hopefully for all of us, my life still has some adventure left in it!


  1. Well I'm glad I got a mention in your blog even if it is somewhat tongue in cheek. Talk about silvery-tongued wordsmith, you had me captivated on the edge of my seat thinking I was about to read adventure stories from SkyKing himself.
    Can't wait to see the pictures you have on the blog - I'll be sure to check back tomorrow to see if they actually get post...hehe.

  2. I too am excited for your blog, John and I keep talking about starting one and we are stuck on coming up with a witty title :) And just because we are family, doesn't mean we have to care, some of us are actually interested and just plain old jealous of the amazing things you get to see every day when you go to "the office". If I took pictures of my everyday happenings, you guys would all think, why is Jess taking pictures of the old people?

  3. Very interesting and the picture at the top of the page is stellar! Though you might find your life boring I think you'll find that it does appear as an adventure to rest of us city slickers who are scared of bears and cold. Oh ya and black flies. If you think it's boring then I'll start a blog about being a dirty, greasy truck mechanic and show you boring. Okay I can't back that up about starting a blog. It does sound cool what you do and I look forward to seeing pictures cause it's less work then reading. Unlike your family who pretends to be interested because (like you said) they have to care, I do think that your blog will be interesting. Now put some pictures and stories on already!